Message from Louis & Willem

Louis emailed through this message for everyone today:

“On the eve of the night before our big semi-final day, we would just like to thank everyone for their wonderful and overwhelming support so far – family, friends and people who used to be strangers to us, alike.

It has been quite a journey, a quest in more than one way (you know what I mean…-Louis), and the culmination of the chance at a dream that we as brothers have shared for our whole adult lives.

We will probably be too busy to say thank you tomorrow, so for now, just once again thank you, and thank you for everyone that is going to vote for us. Words can not describe our appreciation.

We look forward to singing for everyone that helped us get this far, believed in us during the tough times, supported us… and everyone that will be watching tomorrow.

Baie baie dankie!”
– Louis and Willem

Louis & Willem in their hotel room

Louis & Willem in their hotel room

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